Ivy Gold


YES – here we are OUT OF THE BLUE – FOR YOU! And believe me – this is really a funny and also strange story which we’ll be telling you over the next months ? our personal story.

We are so happy to get ready to come out and meet you and we are very pleased to announce the new contemporary blues-rock band IVY GOLD!

“Hi everyone, my name is Manou and I’m the singer of the new band IVY GOLD. “Out of the blue” is our motto as this band came together by coincidence.. I had no big plans or goals with my music. I just wanted to write some songs and have fun with it! But when the songs reached the ears of a few special people, the story of Ivy Gold began ….. out of the blue!”

“Now we are equipped with a band name that sounds like everlasting golden times, and supported with some great bluesrock, groove, musicians and lyrics that touch your heart and soul – you’ll get some intense and personal experiences!”


Manou voices

Tal Bergman (Joe Bonamassa) drums – USA

Sebastian Eder (Avalon) guitar – GER

Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush) bass – USA

Anders Olinder (Glenn Hughes) keys – UK

There will be more details about the golden boys coming up over the next few weeks … but for now – let us tell you – we are a great bunch of multicultural down to earth people from all over the world – with a heart full of compassion and love for every soul on earth. Every being is important no matter what nationality or skin color!!!

“Starting today we are embarking on our first chapter of an amazing journey that is just beginning and that will find it’s peak when we release our full length album early next year. Chapter no. 1 will be the single release “Six Dusty Winds” to be out on September 25, 2020.”

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