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When a down-to-earth fairy named Manou meets four thoroughbred musicians, something special emerges, like “Broken Silence”. The creators of this long player are an extremely vital – passionately bursting with energy – quintet called Ivy Gold. The five consists of the already mentioned front woman Manou. She is joined by guitarist and “musical director” Sebastian Eder, drummer Tal Bergman, bassist Kevin Moore and keyboardist Anders Olinder. “Alone, but not only because of our line-up, we are a cosmopolitan institution. The drummer comes from the US West Coast, the bass player from New York, the one with the six-stringed instrument from Munich and last but not least, the keyboard player comes from Bristol / UK. And I, the frontwoman, saw the light of day in the Mozart city of Salzburg,” says the bundle of power, with a radiant shine in her thoroughly open, curious eyes. “Because of this fact alone, we can’t help but create an “Ethno-Blues-Rock” mix consisting of eleven tracks.

The basis for us and what we are doing is actually the world.” The guitarist continues: “I spontaneously wanted to start a band in 2020, having previously played the six strings with the hard rock pioneers Avalon. So I gave Manou suggestions for potential musical collaborators. The missing three accepted on the spot. Suddenly we were a quintet that soon had more than twenty song ideas to work out. When they were finalized in our ears, we recorded eleven of the demos in the studio. Everything happened like in a fever dream. Studio predecessor “Six Dusty Winds” was already in stores in 2021. Another year later we finished and sold a live CD/DVD recorded in Münster called “Live At The Jovel” more…


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