Ivy Gold

The release of our first single “Six Dusty Winds”

Manou: “Today is the day: the release of our first single “Six Dusty Winds”!! I am so thrilled, still can’t believe how my life has changed and developed over the last year … even at times when you think “what the hell is going on” – something really good can happen – OUT OF THE BLUE – FOR YOU!”

“Can you imagine that we worked about 2 years on our “Baby” to write, arrange, perform, record and produce our songs? It was such fun to be in the creative flow and seeing the project grow 🙂 So we are on fire that the first song of our album sees the light of day now. If you like the music, please support us and like, share & follow us so that our music will find the way to as many people and music lovers as possible!!!”

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