Ivy Gold

Band Introduction: Kevin Moore

“Hey everyone!! Last but not least I would love to introduce my long time friend Kevin Moore. Kevin and I met about 15 years ago when he played with one of the greatest guitar players in town – Abi von Reininghaus. Over the years we always stayed in touch and even worked together on different occasions. When I was looking for a bass player – he was my first choice – and I am so happy and honored to have him in my band.”

From the US, NYC, Kevin has played with many big acts worldwide including: The Persuaders, Titus Turner, Bern Nix Band, Karl Berger and Rhythm Changes, Billy Bang’s Forbidden Planet, and toured with Jennifer Rush and Abi von Reininghaus Band.

“Tal and Kevin make up such a monster rhythm section as they lay a perfect ground for the feeling and groove. Since we have Tal and Kevin from the US, Anders form Sweden/UK and Sebastian and me from Germany, we are a real global and multicultural band! I just love it!”

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