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Ivy Gold – Storyline For “Six Dusty Winds” Part 1-3

“Hey guys, now our first single is finally released and I would love to share a bit about the lyrics of the song! For me it is so important to tell a story which goes hand in hand with the music … and OUT OF THE BLUE … the lyrics were written last year. And what a coincidence – the meaning fits the current life situation better than ever!

The reason why we make music is that we would love to get you to listen to our music, enjoy it, and let you express your thoughts and feelings!

“Six Dusty Winds” was actually the last song we wrote and recorded and now it turns out to be the first one to be released – well isn’t that funny. We were actually not planning for another song to be on this record but Sebastian came up with some great licks one evening and I picked up on it immediately, I guess we had something to say right :-)”

“The lyrics of the first vers really fits our social life these days! Who would have thought that we would be stuck and stranded like this…I’m just sensing times are changing, time is flying and the world turns ever so fast. Where are we heading to?” It’s never too late to change directions and paths as long as you follow your heart. Especially these days life is becoming even more confusing and challenging. So music has been a very strong anchor in my life to keep me strong, positive and happy!

“I‘m sitting here stranded

Feeling the breeze on my skin

Wondring where I landed

Looking at time growing thin

When everything I touch turns to ash”

Ivy Gold – Storyline For “Six Dusty Winds” Part 2

“Hello music lovers, here is the next part of my storyline for “Six Dusty Winds”. Our first single is out for a week now and we are getting some great feedback – thanks to all of you! I told you that the lyrics and the music should really fit together to make a 3-dimensional picture, which is a mirror of our thoughts, feelings, fears, etc.”

“Please check the first vers in part 1 of the storyline. The chorus talks about my inner motivation that I’ve always kind of tried to follow my own personal path in life. Never wanted to fit into a box – if you know what I mean ? Sometimes it was easy, sometimes I felt like giving up. But in the end we all have to face our fears and stay strongly connected to our hearts as the winds of change show us new ways!”

“Six dusty winds hide the pain when it appears

Six dusty winds tell me not to life in fear

They will show me how to pray

Six dusty winds blowing hurricanes away

Six dusty winds let the doves fly every day”

Ivy Gold – Storyline For “Six Dusty Winds” Part 3

“Hey out there! Have you thought early this year that our life changed in that way it is now? I guess no one … It’s really strange that the lyrics of SIX DUSTY WINDS really fits to our current situation. Now I would like to continue with the storyline to “Six Dusty Winds”. For me the lyrics are the most important thing in a song because the words tell the story that creates the pictures and feelings for the audience! It’s all about getting in touch with you :-)”

“The second vers is about the issue that we do sometimes stay in situations and with people that we know aren’t good for us! Why can’t we just quit that job that we don’t like or leave the relationship if the feelings are gone? Is there something called fate? Destiny? …. my wounds guide me to the answers …”

“Addicted to my misery

Got my sweet aching wounds

I got my own mystery

Yes I had to pay my dues

I never found a storm

To deny”

“Six Dusty Winds”, released 25. September 2020

Official video clip on Youtube: https://youtu.be/q-2m_ijnl7o

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5F5QGlMFPOVbRkG0VStERm?si=ZFZkUfONSIOYD3sj1ykmGQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/album/six-dusty-winds-single/1524255625

Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/Six-Dusty-Winds-IVY-GOLD/dp/B08DCKX75G/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=six+dusty+winds&qid=1601030764&sr=8-3

Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B08DCV2WJQ/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=six+dusty+winds&qid=1601032450&sr=8-1

Deezer: https://deezer.page.link/MfEEvstTMCuD4n3n6

Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/album/149392514

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